Special issue of Genomics & Informatics on BLAH7

For publication of the output of BLAH7, a special issue of the journal of Genomics & Informatics will be organized.

The journal is

  • a platinum open access journal,

    • which publish open access without charging authors article processing charges,

  • indexed by PubMed and Scopus, and

  • all the articles are immediately included in PubMed Central.

For submission, please refer to the page of instructions for authors, which describes the manuscript types it receives.

While you are welcome to submit manuscripts of any available types, considering that the special issue is organized for output of BLAH7, it is expected that most of the submissions will be either

  • Application notes, which are short communications about novel software, new algorithm implementations, databases, and network services (web servers and interfaces),

  • Mini Reviews which focus on clearly defined topics of current interest and recent developments in the field. They offer a fast and easy read to get up to date on exciting new developments and/or concepts, or

  • Opinion Articles which allow researchers to publish an opinion on the interpretation of facts, value of methods used, weaknesses and strengths of any scientific theory or on any topic relevant to the field of research.

While it is expected that most of the submissions will be of 2 - 6 pages long (in the final format), if necessary, it can be long up to 10 pages (in the final format).

Please note that a major motivation of the special issue is that we want to publish the output of BLAH6 as quickly as possible, without putting too much additional effort.

As a special support from the publisher, for accepted papers,

  • on the authors' request, an English native proof reading service will be provided for free, and

  • a small amount of honorarium will be paid, as a gratitude for your contribution.

Schedule (changed, estimation)

  • Submission Due: March 12th

  • Final manuscript due: August 21th

  • Publication: September 30th

Schedule (Revised)

  • Submission Due: March 12th

  • 1st notification

Format and Template

For preparation of your manuscript, please use this MS Word template

Please note that you do not need to put much effort to make your manuscript beautiful. Once your manuscript is accepted, a professional editor of the publisher will work for a beautiful layout of your manuscript.

For co-authoring, using Google Doc or Office 365 would be a good idea. If you use Google Doc, you can download your manuscript in docx and submit it.

For other instructions, please take a look at the "Intsructions for Authors" page of the journal.


Submission has to be made through the E-Submission page of Genomics & Informatics:

In the beginning, you need to create your account, then you can make a submission from the author center.

During submission, please specify it to be meant for the special issue, "BLAH7", as shown below.