Online conference platforms

BLAH7 will be held as an online event, which will be run on two online conference platforms.


zoom sessions will be used for plenary meetings to be held on 18th, 20th, and 22nd (see schedule) , and also for taking group photos.


A remo site will be open throughout BLAH7 (see schedule for the exact time of opening and closing of the remo site), as a venue for group meeting, casual chatting, and so on. remo provides such a convenient environment in which small sized meetings (with up to 8 participants) can be very easily organized, which should be is a vital feature for a hackathon like BLAH.

  • While the BLAH7 remo site will be open from 10AM through midnight (JST) everyday (Tue - Fri), it has to be reset in every 5 hours, which means all the participants have to logoff and login again after a couple of minutes.

  • Please be familiarized with remo. We have found that watching the product demo videos in this page is highly helpful:

  • For those who want to test their connection to remo, a test run of the remo site will be open on 14th and 15th (see schedule).

Communication channels

mailing list

The mailing list will be used for official announcements, before, during, and even after BLAH7. Note that it is a closed mailing list. All the participants in BLAH7 are already included in the ML.

slack workspace

The slack workspace will be used as the primary communicataion channel. The invitation to the slack WS should now have arrived to all the participants. Please join the slack WS through the invitation.

Help desk

The BLAH7 organizers will be running a help desk inside the BLAH7 remo site everyday.